Used Sawmill Machinery and Equipment

2016 Cooper Machine Twin Band Overhead Scragg Mill

Twin Band Overhead Originally built in 2015 and was modified in 2018 for another customer. For 8-16' material and will cut down to a 4 x 4 cant. Includes skewing log turners to get the most yield out of each log, 22 inch wide waste belts on outfeed (both movable), Round stock and flat wheel track system, rear pivot upgrade for faster loading. Comes with Cooper Ultrasound and Computer System with Graphic Display. 63" wheels with Twin Bands using a 10" band. 150HP motors. Can cut up to a 30" diameter log. Comes with 8 x 8 Cab. This is a great newer model machine that has been sitting under a tarp for the last three years and is ready to go to a new home! Need something quick? This is ready to sit on a truck!