Trim Saws

Drop Saw

Cooper Machine offers the drop saw trimmer as a better way for you to trim your boards, cants and cross-ties. This automated machine provides a precision cut and includes start/stop functions, as well as a manual override for length and adjustments. Hardwood and softwood can be set with pre-set speeds. The Drop Saw Trimmer can trim up to 24’ of boards and cants. Optional infeed rollcase with cant turner is available.


Movable Head

The bottom arbor trimmer is available with three to six heads. All of the heads are movable and it can trim up to a 10x10 cant, board, or three sided piece. Comes with a 30” saws and each saw has 20hp motor.


Top Arbor Two or Three Saw

The top arbor two or three saw trimmer trims three sided cants or slabs. This is a great option behind the Yield Champ to edge the cants or three sided pieces.