1988 Cooper Machine Standard Overhead Scragg Mill

Make: Cooper Machine
Model:Standard Overhead
Location:Wadley, GA

Used Cooper Overhead was received on trade-in. Carriage is not repairable. Being sold-as, but this would be a great machine to turn into a Sharp Chain for someone looking to get into the sawmill or pallet business. When it's converted to a Sharp Chain you can run shorter or longer logs on it. Will cut up to 24" in diameter. This is priced ready to move. Comes with used 5 x 5 cab (see attached pictures). Carriage can be cut off at our facility for an additional charge to save on shipping. Machine can be sandblasted and painted for an additional charge. We also have a new cab that is available for an additional charge. We can also supply a parts package to get the machine changed over to a Sharp Chain. For more information please call Frances at 478-252-5885.

**As a service to our customers Cooper will list machines they have for sale. The contact information for each item listed is directly to the responsible party. Cooper makes no warranty or accepts no responsibility for any machine listed. For liability reasons, Cooper Machine will ONLY accept direct trade-ins of Cooper Machinery.